Cosmetic Gynecologist in Ahmedabad

Visit Nisha Women’s Hospital for safe and advanced cosmetic gynecological treatment. They have one of the best cosmetic gynecologists in Ahmedabad, Dr. Himali Maniar.

Birth Control in Bopal, Ahmedabad

 Avoid unwanted pregnancy with effective birth control in Bopal, Ahmedabad. Visit Dr. Himali Maniar, a renowned gynecologist in Ahmedabad, for result-oriented solutions.

High-Risk Pregnancy Obstetrician in Bopal, Ahmedabad

 Visit Dr. Himali Maniar, a leading high-risk pregnancy obstetrician in Bopal, Ahmedabad, at Nisha Women's Hospital for best care and management of high-risk pregnancies.

Tubal Ligation in Bopal, Ahmedabad

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that prevents a woman from conceiving. It is also known as female sterilization. The term "ligation" refers to the act of tying something together.


Tubal ligation is a long-term sterilization and birth control procedure. It involves permanently blocking, clipping, or removing the fallopian tubes. This stops sperm from fertilizing the egg and hence prevents pregnancy.

Menopause Clinic in Ahmedabad, Menopause Treatment

Menopause Clinic in Ahmedabad, Menopause Treatment

Menopause  is the time when the menstrual cycle stops permanently in women of the 40s or 50s. It is diagnosed when a woman has no periods for one year. In most cases, menopause is non-problematic, but the symptoms are severe in a few cases, requiring treatment. Dr. Himali Maniar, one of the best female gynecologist in Bopal, provides effective treatment for menopause-related  problems.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Ahmedabad

Dr. Himali Maniar, a proficient and best gynecologist in south Bopal, Ahmedabad, is adept in laparoscopic hysterectomy. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove the uterus. The doctor makes a small incision near the belly button and inserts a tiny camera through the incision during the procedure. The surgeon performs the operational procedure while seeing the image from this camera on a TV screen.

Normal Delivery

Normal delivery in Bopal

While dealing with pregnancy complications, Dr. Himali Maniar, a renowned gynecologist in Bopal, aims to keep pregnancy and deliveries as natural as possible. The most widely suggested natural birthing method is a normal delivery. It helps the mother recuperate quickly after the pregnancy.


Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery in Bopal, Ahmedabad

An anesthesiologist administers an epidural injection for pain relief during labour to ensure a painless delivery. The epidural is injected into the lower back, and a plastic tube is inserted around the spinal cord through which drugs are administered. It is only given to a woman in active labour, implying she has had at least three contractions in the last 10 minutes.