Advice for Women's Health and Wellness during Menopause: Lifestyle and Diet Recommendations from Dr. Himali Maniar

Published on 5th May, 23

Dr. Himali Maniar, a leading gynaecologist and obstetrician, shares essential advice to help women navigate through menopause, which they experience during their middle years and helps them maintain active health. Menopause is a transitioning journey, all women undergo; it indicates the end of menstruation and fertility.

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Dr. Himali Maniar suggests how to proceed with a pregnancy if diagnosed with endometriosis

Published on 28th Dec, 22

Nearly 25 to 40% of women in India have endometriosis, a debilitating reproductive disorder leading to infertility. It is a painful disorder diagnosed through excessive bleeding and digestive disorders during the menstrual cycle accompanied by pelvic and abdominal pain. As a result, women cannot function normally during their menstrual cycle.

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Dr. Himali Maniar, Ahmedabad offers the latest Cosmetic Gynecology treatment to improve women's sexual health

Published on 12th Oct, 21

Today, Cosmetic or Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology is a superspeciality for women, which includes non-invasive methods or invasive techniques.

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