Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems During Pregnancy

Nisha IVF
Created on 30th Jun, 22

Dr. Himali Maniar is one of the best gynecologist in Bopal, Ahmedabad. She offers effective thyroid treatment to avoid complications in pregnancy. Consult at 9081233800

Decreasing Labor Pains: A New Parents Guide

Nisha IVF
Created on 12th Jun, 22

The process of labor and birth is not an easy one. There are many physical and emotional effects that the body and mind endure, in addition to all the changes in lifestyle and relationships in the family. In this article, you will find several ways in which you can decrease your pain during labor so that when it is time for delivery, you will be ready to face it with confidence.


10 Things I Wish Somebody Had Told Me About C-Sections

Nisha IVF
Created on 11th Apr, 22

C-section or Caesarean delivery is one of the surgical procedures in which the baby is delivered through the incisions taken on your abdominal and the uterus.

Stages of pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy: Everything you should know about.

Nisha IVF
Created on 12th Mar, 22

First time being pregnant, one of the best gynecologists in Bopal, Ahmedabad, may help you in your stages of pregnancy. Consult Dr. Himali Maniar at +91 90812 33800

Simple preparation tips for a normal delivery

Nisha IVF
Created on 24th Feb, 22

Many women have morning sickness in the first trimester and can only consume a small amount of food. Along with that, excessive nausea causes you to eat less at this time. So, losing your body weight is natural. Non-spicy foods and lemon juice may help you at this time to improve your condition. However, during the second trimester, your appetite will gradually return. Along with all the medications and food supplements that your doctor has provided, you must include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A diet enriched with protein and dairy products will help you in healthy delivery. Keep yourself hydrated throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnant Body

Your Pregnant Body-20 Things They Don't Tell You

Nisha IVF
Created on 9th Jan, 22

Nisha Women's Hospital in Bopal, Ahmedabad, provides a wide range of gynecological services. Dr. Himali Maniar is the best gynecologist in Bopal and the neighboring areas, giving gynecological remedies.


When to know that you fall in high-risk pregnancy group?

Nisha IVF
Created on 4th Jan, 22

A high-risk pregnancy is not a sign of danger but is a sign of caution! It doesn’t say “Danger ahead!” But it just says, “Be Careful!”


Irregular Periods Treatment In Ahmedabad

Nisha IVF
Created on 4th Jan, 22

Menstrual periods usually stay four to seven days for most women. A woman’s period generally lasts twenty-eight days, but menstrual cycles can last anywhere from twenty-one to thirty-five days. If you get your periods before 21 days or after 35 days, then it is considered abnormal.

stress during pregnancy

How to manage stress during pregnancy?

Nisha IVF
Created on 4th Jan, 22

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. However, this difficult stage is the only one that leads to wonderful motherhood. Pregnancy is uncomfortable, but it’s worth suffering! But, as the saying goes, too much of anything is wrong. Excessive stress during pregnancy might lead to numerous problems.


PCOD Issues and Solutions

Nisha IVF
Created on 4th Jan, 22

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), is a common condition that affects 5% to 10% of women between the ages of 12 and 45. It is a hormonal imbalance caused by a woman's hormonal imbalance. It could make it difficult for women to get pregnant and interrupt their monthly cycles. The most common symptoms are lack of ovulation, irregular periods, acne, and hirsutism. If left untreated, you can develop insulin-resistant diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol, all of which can contribute to heart disease.

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