Oocyte donation

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Oocyte donation

What is Oocyte (Egg) Donation?
We have a all-inclusive facilities for ovum and embryo donation. In the cases, the ovaries fail to produce eggs and the only option to conceiving is using eggs donated by another woman. Using donated ovum also eliminates chances of genetic diseases that pass on from mother to child. A fertile woman, whose ovary releases an egg at timely intervals, can donate the egg to infertile couples. These eggs are then fertilized with the sperms of the husband of the recipient woman and the resultant embryo is inserted into the womb of the recipient woman.
When is it done?
Egg donation is recommended for the woman unable to conceive with her own eggs. Several reasons are as following:

  • She has no ovaries had them removed
  • She is post-menopausal
  • She has repeatedly tried to conceive unsuccessfully using fertility drugs or IVF
  • She is producing few or low-quality eggs
  • She has recurrent miscarriages
  • She has high risk of passing on a serious inherited disorder
  • She has had cancer treatment which has damaged your ovaries

Egg donation is not as simple as sperm donation, but it requires loyalty from the donor. Egg donors must also meet criteria laid down by the Indian law.

Who can donate?
Egg donation in India or say oocyte donation can be done by a healthy woman below the age of 35.
Before the process of oocyte donation, she undergoes screening thoroughly for some tests including a pelvic exam, psychological screening, an ultrasound of her reproductive system, blood tests and a complete review of her medical history. We keep complete record for her physical characteristics to match her eggs to woman or recipient and her partner.
If you are a donor, keep in mind that you hold the power to change someone’s life.