Family Planning

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Family Planning

As being a complete women health service provider in Ahmedabad, NISHA HOSPITAL helps couples in pregnancy decision-making and guides them for the best options for the family planning.
It’s one of the top most family planning clinics that offer information on and access to a range of services associated with unplanned pregnancy and contraception.
We offer

  • Help with pregnancy decision-making
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Contraception counseling
  • Assessment

Your choice of a birth control method depends on several factors. These factors include whether or not you want children, your health and also how often you have sex.
On selecting a birth control method:

  • A method to use when you have sex or method working always
  • What your partner think about a given method of birth control
  • Want to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
  • cost of method
  • The health risks. Always discuss the health risks with your doctor.
  • Effectiveness of the method to prevent pregnancy.