Puberty Clinic

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Puberty Clinic

When a child’s body matures, it’s a puberty time! It’s a natural cycle. But sometimes these changes don't occur as they should, they occur too early or too late. At NISHA HOSPITAL, we have customized treatment plan to discover the cause of concerns about your child's puberty. Ads being a pioneer puberty clinic in Ahmedabad, we offer well designed plan to maintain your child’s health and well-being as they develop into adulthood.
We deal with several Puberty Disorders

  • Precocious puberty
  • Delayed puberty
  • Genetic disorders that upset puberty
  • Gender identity concerns
  • Other problems arise during puberty
  • Specific areas develop without other signs of puberty

Care for Precocious Puberty, Delayed Puberty, and other At NISHA HOSPITAL we offer advance care for children with puberty disorders and assure you that your child will receive the latest treatments from specialist doctors who are on the leading edge of adolescent medication.
We work closely with other specialist doctors to deliver complete care for your child.
To determine the cause of their puberty disorder, we carefully assess your child
We provide customize plan for treatment.
Our pediatric endocrinologists work closely with specialists in urology, gynecology, pediatrics and surgery.