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In order to diagnose and treat any problem including heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, fibroids, or any other abnormality which can interfere with pregnancy doctors take help of hysteroscopy. hysteroscope is an apparatus having a thin tube with light on the end is used in the process. It is inserted into vagina to see into your cervix and inside your uterus.
Why Hysteroscopy

  • To Eliminate the Non-Cancerous Growths in Uterus.
  • Identify and eliminate the adhesions or asherman’s syndrome
  • Identify whether your uterine septum and malformation of the uterus is right there from the birth or not.
  • Identify the reason of heavy menstrual flow and extreme bleeding during the periods or after the menopause.
  • To check the results of tests like hysterosalpingography (HSG)

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
Operative hysteroscopy is performed to fix an abnormal Condition.
In the course of diagnostic hysteroscopy, if an abnormal condition is detected, an operative hysteroscopy is advised to be done performed at the same time. The process is performed to avoid the need for a second surgery to eliminate the cause of the problem. Small equipment that can be inserted through the hysteroscope is used for the operative hysteroscopy. operative hysteroscopy helps in fixing out the abnormal uterine conditions.

How Hysteroscopy helps


  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Improve response of lining
  • Improve rate of conception
  • Improvement in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss